How Much Does It Cost?

If you register for a class offered once per week, the cost is $60. If you register for a class offered MORE than once per week, the cost is $90.  You have to register each month either online at www.ssqqdance.com or in person on the first day of class.

What Is Included?

A 4-week session of dance classes that always begin on a Sunday and continue for 4 weeks.  Classes are 2 hours long with a 10-15 minute break after the first hour.  You are welcome to come every time the class you register for is offered.  We issue a barcoded keytag on your first visit.  You scan in with your keytag each time you come in.  We load any new classes on the same keytag so please hang onto it.  Please take a picture of the barcode to store on your phone in case you misplace your keytag.  The dates of the class sessions vary so refer to the monthly schedule.  The four week session dates are listed on the upper right hand corner of the schedule.

Can You Explain The Levels And Colors?

Our classes are organized by levels of difficulty.  Different class material is offered within each level and is specified by colors.

  • Level I - Intro/Basic material, learn proper frame, dance to different speeds of music
  • Level II - Basic Moves, learn fundamentals of turns and leads
  • Level III - Intermediate Moves
  • Level IV - Advanced Moves
  • Level V - Increased Challenge, high level technique and memory of patterns
  • Level VI - Very High Level, Super Advanced, Competition Material

Can I Just Drop In On A Class?

You are welcome to take a "Drop In" Class any time for $25.  You will find that it is often less expensive to pay for the entire month even if you can't make all of the days the class is offered.

What Do I Wear?

Dress is casual.  Wear comfortable clothes and smooth sold shoes.  If you're comfortable, we're comfortable.

What is Your Refund Policy?

All class changes and refunds must occur the first week of classes at break.  If something comes up after that, we will be unable to refund your class so please keep that in mind.